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Trader Jo's questions

Hello everyone!
I have just recently discovered a Trader Jo's market near where I attend my WW meetings. I did visit there last week, however due to time constraints I was not able to fully take stock of everything that they had.
My question is what products do you use from there, what are their points values, and are they any good?
I have tried their better n peanut butter and contrairy to popular opinion from another thread I actually like the stuff. Go figure! LOL Anyway if you could let me know what your faves are that would be great.
TIA! Tammy

Re: Trader Jo's questions

Hi Tammy,
I have a list of my favorites on my website. I don't have points listed for each item, but for me to buy it, it's gotta be low. LOL! There's also a link on that page to another list of community favorites I came across awhile back. Here's the link...


Re: Trader Jo's questions

I like the Trader Mings Mandarin Chicken. I think it is 5 points for 1 cup and is like the sweet and sour chicken from a Chinese restaurant, maybe better.

I also like the Shepherd's pie. I can't remember the points but around 6 points for 1/2 the entree.

I can't remember the name but they are crepes that are filled with a creamy soy mixture. They are 2 or 3 points each. I would microwave 2 of them with 1 cup of mixed berries and a tablespoon of splenda and top that with cool whip free.

Re: Trader Jo's questions

Aimee and Nancy,

Thank you both for your imput. I guess it goes to show that I haven't fully searched this site otherwise I would probably have found the TJ list that you posted, Aimee!
Off to see what else I can find on here!
Thanks again,
Tammy B (Ohio)