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what can i do

hello...does any one have success at losing 1 to 2 pounds a week...and if so how are u doin it..i try to exercise 4 to 5 times a week..for thirty minutes...and tryin to eat low fats low calorie more veggies and fruit...although this week i have let myself down..i have a problem with emotional eatin and its just usually sweets that i am usin for the comfort foods...and this week was kinda stressfull and of course them valentines chocolates was in sight so guess what ive done for the last three days..u guessed it..i indulged..ans yes the guilt has set in....but tomorrow is a new day...i know what my goal is and i wanna do this...i just wish i guess like everyone else does that struggles with there weight..i wish there was a healthy quick fix....but i have done this to myself now it is up to me to take it off....anyway any tips that u know works just let me know...

Re: what can i do


I posted a response to Lea Ann a few days ago. Her thread read something about so frustrated. Go to that and read what I posted. For me personally, the things that I posted have really helped.
Don't give up and don't think of tomorrow as being a new day. Stop the behavior now and think it is a new day right now. It doesn't matter what you did yesterday or even this morning. You can choose better things for yourself for the rest of the day starting right now.
You CAN do this!