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First time in this site, thought I would say it looks like a I will be back. I started WW 3 weeks ago and can't understand what I am doing wrong. 1st weigh in lost 3/10 of a #, 2nd weigh in .4. I am keeping a log on food and water and counting the points, just don't understand. I do have health problems and take meds and some people said it could be because of some of the meds I take. But I am not going to give up, I am moving forward. I am going to look over some of the recipes here and will probably order a cookbook because I am looking for down to earth recipes.

Re: new to site

Hi Cheryl, nice to have you with us. I would just say to keep what you are doing and see what happens. Taking medications does make a difference...Just take it one day at a time and do try aimee's recipes..they are very good. I love her cookbooks, use them several times a week...Keep us posted on how you are doing...


Re: new to site

Cheryl (nice name, lol)- do keep going, most of us have lost bunches of weight in the past just to gain it back, but i really believe with WW i can keep it off this time, 80.2lb down, less than 70 to go. Amy does have great recipes, simple and good, and i'm a caterer, i know good food!

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Hi Cheryl Just wondering how your doing. I have not been on line for a while so just read your post. I have decided to try the Wendie Plan which is really just using up your flex points. I have read other posts here about not eating the same number of points each day but I needed some kind of guideline. I found a post on the ww site about how many points to go over your target each day so thought I would give it a try. I am on day 3 today. So I will let you know how my week goes.

Day 1 any day you choose
Day 1 Eat 5 points over your target
Day 2 Eat 1 point over your target
Day 3 Eat 15 points over your target
Day 4 Eat target points
Day 5 Eat 4 points over your target
Dat 6 Eat 2 points over your target
Day 7 Eat target points

Did you get Aimees cookbooks ordered? They are wonderful!!! They are very down to earth recipes.
Have a wonderful weekend!!
We can do this!!!

Re: new to site

Welcome Cheryl. I have not been in a while but am back now and going to order Aimee's cookbooks. And plan on coming back here often.

Welcome again.

Re: new to site

Aimees cookbooks are AWESOME!!! The best thing about them is that they are normal everyday recipes that anyone can make.