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I'm frustrated too!!!

Some people eat out of sadness, or happyness, or for anyreson. And though I do like to eat for any thing I can come up with, the one thing that makes me want to eat the most is frustration.

I experiance frustration in my life, from work, or relationship. And I just want to give up, however I never do give up on what is frustrating me...I give in to eatting. When I'm frustrated all I can think about is eatting and then that frustrates me. I just feel like I need a release and eatting is it.

A walk would help...but its too icy and cold out...I have a small son or I would bare it myself.

What can I do? Other then having a stiff drink.

Re: I'm frustrated too!!!

Hi Anna, just wanted to say hi and put in my 2 cents worth....Do you have a treadmill? That really helps me to walk in the evening. I just got off, didn't get home until after 7:30 so it was a little later tonight to walk. I did 2 miles tonight, usually do 1.5 miles..If you don't have a treadmill, have you seen the Leslie Sansome, Walk Away the Pounds? It is really good, too. You could do that after you little one goes to bed at night or when he takes a nap....Hope this helps. Let us know how you are doing....