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is there any help for this....

man...these oremenstral craving are awfull...do any of you know what would help...and it aint just sweets i grave i just crave food in general at times...and bloatiness...mannnnn....know this is frustratin when u feel like u pack on ten pounds all at once...so please if any body has find somethin that works please share....

Re: is there any help for this....

The thing that gets me through sometimes is the 25 calorie hot chocolate..I'm having a cup right now after walking on the treadmill...I drink 2 in the morning, sometimes 2 at work, and sometimes at least 1 cup in the evening. You get a little calcium and it helps fill you up a little...2 cups is 1 pt...Hope this helps. I have an electric hot top which is great, much better than fixing hot water in the microwave....even taste better..