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The Firm?

Hey! Has anyone ever tried the workout video called the Firm? I've heard good things about it and wanted to know if anyone has ever gave it a shot. I guess anything will work if used on a regular but I have heard this is good. Thanks.

Re: The Firm?

I love the Firm!

You have to be careful if you have bad knees (you do a lot of stepping up & down), but you'll be OK if you remember to keep your weight on your heels instead of your toes.

I like them because you get cardio and toning all at once. I still like to use my treadmill for cardio, and I have other videos that are just toning, but I like the Firm when I only have time for one or the other.

For just toning, I recommend Cathe Friedrich's -- it's more advanced though, and she doesn't queue much for beginners. The Firm is better about showing modifications for beginners & intermediates.

I recommend it!

www.collagevideo.com has a huge variety of videos, including The Firm. You can actually see video clips of many of them, so it's a great place to check it out.

Re: The Firm?

I've done the firm number two. Its hard work....you only do it everyother day which is nice....but I personally think the reason they have u do it everyother day is because physically you can't do it every day. I was the sorest I have ever been in my life the next day. And I do excersise regularly. However it does work...its no walk in the park though.