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CHEESE help!!

i can't find where i can buy fat free mozzarella cheese! can anyone help me??!!

Re: CHEESE help!!

Hi jenna, I get mine at Krogers here in Ohio. I hope this helps...


Re: CHEESE help!!

the larger walmarts have it

Re: CHEESE help!!

There isn't any where I live either. I can get the 2% milk mozarella cheese but that is it. I live on the west coast and I think that makes a difference. I also can't get 1 point hamburger and hotdog buns. But I get most every other item so it makes up for that.


Re: CHEESE help!!

I'm new to this board, so I'll say welcome to me LOL...

I found this on the Weight Watcher web site.

I use FF mozz cheese, and I find it in shop rite..

I guess those stores are all over, I'm from NJ..

Re: CHEESE help!!

I can find it here in Ohio in Krogers and SWM....

Re: CHEESE help!!

I used to have NO problem getting Fat Free Cheeses Mozz and Sharp shreded.
This year Ican not seem to find it.
I even had a hard time finding the FF ricotta.
Igoso mad I told the mgr of the Albersons that he needed to order more ff stuff and he told me to call corp office.
A girl who stocks the cheeses at another store told me she is not allowed to order anything not on the corp list.

I live in Southern Ca so if you know of any store here that has it please let me know.

Jean Cat