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Hard couple of weeks

Hello all,
Some of you might remember me; my first post was the "Good bye 200 lbs..." one. I am sad to say I am back in the "2" club for a few weeks now. I had a really good week (so I thought) after I got out of the 200's, and then gained .2. Just .2. But that sent me spiriling out of control. I missed weight in this week because I was out of town; I was glad to.

So, tomorrow, I will begin journaling again and try to stay in my points everyday.

Please think of me; I will need encouragement and accountability to get back on track.

Your struggling friend.

Re: Hard couple of weeks

Hang in there Sara, we all know we can do it. Just take it a day at a time. Don't forget to drink lots of water and exercise if you can...


Re: Hard couple of weeks

Im right there with you was 198 before Christmas and have struggled for weeks to try to get back there. Hang in there. If we give up where will we be???
You got there before, you will get there again!!