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Hello! First post

Hello everyone! My name is Brandie and this is my first post. I joined weight watchers almost a month ago and love it so far. This website has been a lot of help!

My first week I lost 7.75 lbs but the next two weeks I only lost .75 lb each week. It is discouraging. I would guess I have 100 pounds to lose in total. What can I do to make this better? I have been trying everything as going as far as not eating!

What are some tips you could give me in general about weight watchers?
Also- I am going on vacation to Walt Disney WOrld in a few weeks and was wondering some ideas on eating there? Has anyone been on WW? What should I expect?


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Re: Hello! First post

I am on WW. The 1st time, I lost 63 pounds which took about 6 months. I remember losing 7 pounds the 1st week, 3 pounds the next and then 2 pounds for a few more weeks. After that it seemed like it was about 1 pound per week.
This 2nd time through, I lost about 3 pounds the 1st week and 2 pounds for a few months, then 1 pound per week.
Hope this keeps you motivated as it won't always come off as fast as you want it to.

Re: Hello! First post

Hi Brandie and welcome to aimee's message board. I have been doing ww for about 4 1/2 years. I lost 50# getting down 10 below the WW goal. I have done pretty well in maintaining until this last year. Even though I didn't go over my goal i was pretty close. I've been working pretty hard since the 1st of the year to get back down. I still weigh in once a month which is required to stay a "free" lifetime member.. I remember way back, I lost a couple pounds a week for a while and then dropped to about a pound a week. Now it is much harder, seems like it is a pound a month....Hang in there, it will come off. I walk on my treadmill 1 1/2 miles a night. I can't say it has helped my weight loss but I can see a difference in my abs and my legs....By the way..I'm aimee's mom....