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Finally received my PB2 powder and happy to report that it is fantastic!! Had toast with peanut butter for 3 points! thats 2 piece of toast I should say..If you used different bread you could get away with 2 points even. I will definately buy this again.

Re: pb2

Sandy, what are the ingredients on the jar?
Their website makes it sound like it might just be peanuts? It says it's all natural with no additives, but I can't find anything saying the ingredients.


Re: pb2

label says, peanuts, sugar and salt. Thats it :) its low in sugar too. I had some on a banana last night. I also think you could leave it in powder form and mix into oatmeal for extra protein and 1 tablespoon wouldnt even be 1 point.

Re: pb2

Awesome -- I just ordered some. Can't wait til it gets here!