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ok..its nearing that time of month for me and all i wnat to do is eat eat and eat...i need help...and i have already over did it for the last couple of days....and i another thing i wanna try ww but i do not have time to sit and count and write down every calorie and fat and so on and so on...i really want to try it but i think i would get tired of countin and keepin track..so any one got any help for these daily issues of mine...thanks!!!!

Re: help!!!!!

Hey. Nobody loves to eat more than me so I can see your pain. And I think alot of people get tired of counting points but thats why you loose weight. If point counting was not around there would be no WW and I know at least I would not be loosing weight. Bottom line it is a sacrafice and lifestyle change and it is helping me even though I don't love counting points either. Once you do the program for a while anyway you come to know the points of common foods. I don't have much time either but this is not easy, if it was I would have been a size 6 10 years ago. Try it though. You can do it.

Re: help!!!!!

You know I've been doing ww's for about 6 months now and thank goodness finally down 40 lbs. I'm not perfect I cheat...there are times I don't count.

In the beginning I wrote it all down. But now I keep a sorta running tab in my head. You know writing it down isn't that much of a bother though. I think lugging that extra weight around is more of a bother. At least for me looking back it is. to me worring about how bad I look is more of a boter. Even 10 lbs which you could easly lose in a month is a lot...2 bags of sugar.

I understand your desire to eat around that time of the month...I have it too. So what I do around that time is eat...veggies. I eat squash or brocoli...or sometimes stewed tomatoes....well whatever low point or no point veggie im feeling. It works!

Re: help!!!!!

WW also has the core program where you don't have to track points for core foods. You also get 35 pts/wk for non-core foods but most days i don't eat much that isn't core. nice to go out to dinner get a steak and baked potato and be on plan without counting, measuring, weighing etc.

Re: help!!!!!

I counted and documented and wrote the first time I came back in many years in June 2005. I lost 16 of my 56 pounds to loose. Then I got to a point where I said I will keep track in my head.
The next thing I knew I had gained back 11 of what I had lost and had quit going to WW

The ONLY thing tha works for me is working the whole program. Of course doing all that I can is better than nothing at all. But counting points and documenting works for me.

I tried core, but I can not just eat and stop when I am full, even though it is healthier food. If I could stop I would not be overwt. So I returned to flex in Jan 2007. I lost the 11 pounds that I had gained back and I am now 40 pounds from goal and working the program and journaling EVERY thing including when I weigh myself during the day.

It has been working for me. I found a quiet time to do my journaling:in the morning to start the day out right and before bed.
Using the electronic point counter has helped me when shoping as well.

Try it! Just try it! What haveyou got to loose except wt?


Re: help!!!!!

Sorry, I don't think that I addressed the REAL problem of being that time of the month.

Let me say that I could not get through the month if I don't have chocolate. And going to the WW meetings has given me priviledge of purchasing their 1 pt choc carmel bars. I have one every day. But during tht time of the month I have been known to have 2 -4. But it works for me. And I have found them to be more fillings an satisfying for chocolate than reeses or hersheys kisses or?? It is milk choc but I love bittersweet choc, yet they 'work' for me. they take that edge off of climbing the walls and going nuts that you want everything.

I want to say this: I thougt it was just me, But my sister who only had the 1 pt bars once could also tell on her own with out my prompting her that the 2 point choc carmel taste different and are not as satisfying.

Any way I hope this has helped you or someone else.