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I been to the site a lot. Love how you all help each other. I hope someone can help me. I have been with WW since July 06 to date I have lost 27lbs. But the last 4 weeks I have stayed the same weight. I've been exercising every night and watching my portions. Any advice as to how I can get past this stage in weight loss.

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Hi Michelle...your body just might be resting a little...Just keep doing what you are doing. Count your points, drink plenty of water and get enough protein and fiber. Keep us posted how you are doing...


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I would up your protein. And lower your carbs...don't totally get rid of them. Sometimes your body holdes on to that weight..if it gets too used to what your putting into it...it will program itself to use just what your supplying....its a survival thing. Which worked well when we were nomads and only had berries for 2 months...lol

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Thanks for the tips. I will try these and see if I notice a change on the scale.