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how much and does anyone live in ky?

how much does the ww starter kit ususally run?and does anyone live in ky?it seems to help when u have someone that does the exerciseing and the ww with u...i live in allen county..small town...lived hee for 12 years and dont harldy know anyone..so thanks for all the advice every has given...i really wanna go to the ww meetin..but hate goin by myself...at least the first time...so wish me luck...first meetin is next tuesday...

Re: how much and does anyone live in ky?

I paid 39.99 for the kit. I use it all the time.
Don't worry about going alone you will meet so many people there. I live in a small town to. It was hard the first time going in but after that I made so many frinds and you will to.

Re: how much and does anyone live in ky?

I don't live in a small town but go to meetings alone. I need to lose about 100 lbs. You see the same people every week at the meeting so soon they are like your friends, especially if everyone shares. Don't let going alone stop you.

Re: how much and does anyone live in ky?

I know how you feel about going alone. I recently joined ww as well and I don't have a weight loss buddy either. I would say that the majority of the people in my meeting have partners in crime for their weight loss effort.

Originally I wasn't going to buy the kit since I had most of the stuff still from my past time with ww but I figured the books probably changed enough that it would be worth it. The kits are our ww location is $25.

I would have to say however if you subscribe to e-tools then you reallly don't need the kit. I hate the new sliding scale (I liked the old version much better), the new one doesn't slide very well.

I ended up buying the points calculator and I really like that. It fits in my purse easily and I think it will be easier to check points in the grocery store.

Good luck on your weight loss and don't let going alone discourage you from attending the meetings. I know it is easier to skip a meeting when you don't have someone else going but I need to remember that my weight loss is my reposnsibility.