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welp...i did it..i went to the first ww meeting tonight...i was nervous goin by myself...but i made it...and i really felt possitive about it....i went ahead and went with the flex plan......so i am staring tomorrow....im excited...my leader is really nice and really encouraging...she said if i stick to my points i should lose some pounds by next tues...so yall keep your fingers crossed....well thats all teh news for now...if i had not have been readin this posts on this website i might have never joined so thank yall for sharin your ups and downs..and incouragements!!!!

Re: hurayyyyyy

Good for you Nae, your going to love the program, and yesss you will have a loss next week,
I'm 1.8 to goal again, I've been a ww'er on and off for 30 years, I've hit goal a number of times, and then stopped going for WI and meetings, and guess what its back to square 1, but I always seem to go back to WW..
I've done everything out on the planet to diet, and nothing works as well as WW...

go into the WW.com and get some good suggestions from the posters there, thats how I found this Aimmee site.

Good Luck