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Slate Quay


I've noticed in a number of photographs of the Slate Quay there is a sizeable white structure to be seen right at the edge of the harbour wall. In one particular photo it can be seen clearly to have been sited near to the spot where the slates were piled ready to be loaded on the ships.

It's a strange looking structure, completely out of character with the Quay, but do you know exactly what it was?

Many thanks,


Re: Slate Quay

Thank you for the question and I must add that it was very observant of you to notice this structure or wall which commenced near the Water Gate entrance to the castle and ran the full length of the Slate Quay. It can still be seen in the early photos of the Aber Bridge which was built at the end of the 19th century and officially opened on St. David's Day 1900. Near to where the wall started there used to be a ticket office shaped like the folly on the mound in Coed Helen and this was removed at the request of the Duke of Norfolk, prior to the 1911 Investiture of Prince Edward, Prince of Wales, as he thought it distracted from the castle. I cannot give you an actuial date as to when the wall was demolished, but I recall someone saying that it was around the time of that Investiture, but could have been a little later.1916 was mentioned.


T Meirion Hughes

Re: Slate Quay

Hello Meirion,

Thank you very much for your most comprehensive reply, and I must say I enjoyed your account of Buffalo Bill's visit very much.