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Edward Davies, Red Lion, Palace Street

My 3rd great grandfather Edward Davies (1795 - 1866) was made a Burgess of the Borough in 1831. He took over the license of the Red Lion in 1820 and purchased it at auction in 1861. Does anyone have any information about Edward Davies, please?

Re: Edward Davies, Red Lion, Palace Street

Hi Terence,

All I know about Edward Davies is that he was born in Barmouth (Llanaber), Merionethshire in around 1795. He married Catherine Fisher, by Licence, at Llanbeblig parish church on the 31st May, 1819. Catherine was baptised at Llanbeblig on the 25th January, 1793, the daughter of William Fisher, a joiner, and his wife Jane.

Edward and Catherine appear to have had the following children:

Catherine (1820)
Owen (1822)
Edward (1823)
Jane (1825)
Mary (1826)
William (1827)
Griffith (1828)
Elizabeth (1829)
John (1830)
Margaret (1834)
Pierce Morgan (1835)

Catherine was buried at Llanbeblig on the 18th June 1861, and Edward was buried, coincidentally, on the 18th June 1866.

There does seem to be a connection between the family and Pierce Morgan, who died at the Red Lion in 1812. The couple named their youngest son after Pierce, and Pierce and his wife Dorothy are buried next to Edward and Catherine at Llanbeblig.



Re: Edward Davies, Red Lion, Palace Street

Thank you for your reply which I only opened today (sorry for not thanking you sooner) I did not know about their eldest daughter Catherine nor Pierce Morgan and Dorothy. I'm coming to Caernarfon for a few days next week to look around Llanbeblig and I have found your site very useful. Thank you for your help.

Regards Terry.