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El Paso Tigers @ Burges Mustangs

Really good game for the #4 spot in district 1-5A, winner goes into playoffs. In my opinion, i feel this is a very even matchup that can go either way. Keep in mind Burges hasnt beat EP High since 2013, but Burges is coming off a huge defensive performance against Chapin.So who do you people have winning?

Re: El Paso Tigers @ Burges Mustangs

Burges was a much better team last year and they lost to el paso high. I have el paso high winning this one again.

Re: El Paso Tigers @ Burges Mustangs

I gotta admit Burges really made this interesting with last weeks win. Truthfully had EP Tigers locked in. Best of luck to both teams. I will be cheering for one of you during the BiDistrict!!

Re: El Paso Tigers @ Burges Mustangs

This should be a great game for both teams. Chapin unfortunately lost a lot of players to grades I hear. Hence the Burges win last week. This is a pretty even match-up. The Tigers have been battling injuries. With Their starting QB out and Two running backs down this will be a challenge. It should be interesting to see if the Tigers players can step up to the plate. I have the Tigers winning by one touchdown. Goodluck to both teams!

El Paso High 31 Burgess Mustangs 24

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