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1-6A and 2-5A

1-5A isn't as interesting as far as playoff picture. It will be Chapin, Andress, Burges, and then Bowie/El Paso, but what about the other two districts?

With Pebble Hills doing well and also with them being senior loaded this year I think they'll grab one of the four spots. Just for the record I am a 1-5A fan so my predictions have nothing to do with being a parent or anything like that. In 1-6A I have Montwood, Pebble Hills, Americas and Franklin. Not sure what to think about El Dorado. They have one of the best athletes in the city, but that is just about it and teams are noticing.

In 2-5A you have Bel Air rising out of nowhere. I predict Del Valle, Eastlake, Bel Air, and Canutillo making the playoffs. I feel Parkland has the talent to take that 4th spot from Canutillo, but I don't know if they actually will.

I know it's pretty early, but from these past 3 weeks that is what I have seen. What do y'all think based on these past 3 weeks?

Re: 1-6A and 2-5A

This is my breakdown of how I see 1-6A after three weeks.

Montwood 3-0: Many people have the Rams going undefeated and running away with the DC. They certainly have a great QB and Tyreese is a stud who should see more D1 offers come his way. However, before you crown the Rams just yet keep in mind that the combined record of their opponents after week 3 is 2-7. The two wins belong to Burges, who beat Deming and Ysleta. Still, the Rams have taken care of business against the teams lined up against them and they will certainly be a top contender for the DC.

Pebble Hills 3-0: The district 1-5A champions. Just kidding. The Spartans have handled their business but it will be interesting to see how they handle the top teams in 1-6A. I honestly have not seem them play this year but was impressed by their offense last year and imagine it is even better this year. They will be in the hunt for a playoff spot but until I see them beat a perennial 1-6A power I cannot put them as a contender for the DC.

Eldorado 1-2: The preseason favorite to win the DC by many. It looks like the opening of Pebble Hills has impacted the talent level at Eldorado. Despite their struggles, as long as Mr. Cedarius Barfield is under center this will be a dangerous team. If anyone sleeps on these guys they are in for a long night. The district opener for them in 2 weeks at Eastwood will start to separate contenders from pretenders.

Franklin 1-2: From what I have seen from them they have some big, strong talented kids. The one thing that they might be missing, which will hurt them during district play, is a QB. How said QB develops moving forward will determine whether or not the Cougars make the playoffs this year.

Coronado 1-2: They have a great combo with Donatelli and Herrera but have not seen very much from the rest of the team. This will be another tough out for teams on any given Friday but as of right now I do not see them in the playoff hunt.

Eastwood 1-2: I preface this by saying this is the team that I follow. The Troopers have a senior laden squad and have a ton of talent at the skill positions. They also have a very solid o-line. The start of the season has been a roller coaster, the team went from not knowing if they were going to have a QB to now having 2 great ones. The offense is going to score points and will be one of the top in the city. The question will be can the defense slow offenses down? The answer against Midland Christian and Permian was no but they did a great job against a good Bel Air offense. The talent is there for a shut down D and they did show flashes in their 2 losses but the coaches have to put players in the right spots. This team will be in the hunt for a playoff spot and I believe will make a run at a DC.

Americas 1-2: This team got spanked week one and then came back and surprised me with a solid win against Del Valle. I was watching the scoreboard closely last night to see how they would perform against Midland Christian and was surprised again to see them getting blown out. At this point I am not sure if the Trail Blazers have enough to make a run at the playoffs.

Socorro 0-3: Another long year for the bulldogs.

This district is always competitive and at least one very good football team gets left out of the playoffs. This year is going to be no different. I really do not see anyone running away with the DC. These teams and their coaching staffs know each other so well that each Friday is going to be a dog fight. Good luck to all the rest of the way.

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