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Re: Playoff Matches Senerios

I don't know all I know is that 2-5A is going to sweep 1-5A in the 1st Round.

Great observation

Why, thank you. That revelation actually came to me while I was on the toilet.

Re: Playoff Matches Senerios

I personally would like the head to head toe breaker; but what f just what if Eastwood beats Montwood. They will be tied with the winner of the PHHS vs ED winner. Will there be a coin toss; so are playoff matchups really set already?

Anyone have an answer?

Four playoff teams and seeding are already set for 1-6A:

6A big schools are #1 El Do and #2 Coronado. 6A small schools are #1 Montwood and #2 Pebble Hills. Someone else might be able to tell you what those potential matchups are. I haven't looked at 2-6A.

Eastwood beating Montwood would simply mean that Montwood would share the district title with El Do/Pebble Hills winner, but wouldn't affect playoff seeding because of the Montwood head-to-head victory over Pebble Hills.

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