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Andress vs Chapin????

So everyone who claimed this would be a close game or Chapin winning.......
Wasn't even close. Andress dominated from the first hand off. OMG, Dorian Lewis set the tone. He ran at will. Awesome display of the powerful running backs from Andress. Lewis 32, and Joseph31, these are two impressive young men to watch. I look forward to seeing them again next week against Bel Air.

Re: Andress vs Chapin????

I am a Chapin alumni and I am personally glad Chapin lost. I was at the game and I saw a team that failed to adjust to what Andress was doing which was running the ball to the outsides. That’s not to take away to what andress did. They played a great game. Chapin coaches failed to adjust in the second half, they will need to clean that up or who knows what happens against del valle next week. Good luck to the NE teams next week in playoffs.

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