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Freshman and JV squads

Hello, I was wondering where can you find the freshmen and JV squads there team records or standings? I know this is mostly for varsity teams. But am just curious since my son is a freshman, can anyone help out?

Re: Freshman and JV squads

Usually someone starts a thread like this and people chime in. I know Montwood freshman are horrible this year and have just won 1 and tied 1. The JV is really good and undefeated at this point.

Re: Freshman and JV squads

I agree their should be a thread about the Freshman and JV teams since some of those kids will be moving up to varsity to fill in the wholes from the seniors class. My kid plays for Canutillo freshman team and wow, they look solid and we stay at least for half of the game for JV they look good too. So Canutillo will be loaded but also there are like 30-38 seniors from the varsity team exciting, so it will be a rebuild to identify the spots and roles.
9th 7-2
JV 6-2
Varsity 8-1


Re: Freshman and JV squads

both JV and Freshman squads from Del Valle won district

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