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Re: Rangers vs Knights

Well this is an amusing thread to read before work! I have worked in the RHS area in the schools for the past 19 years. The community is diminishing in school aged population. This is tough when building a program. Let’s realize also that at the last realignment RHS just missed being 4-A by a few kids. So you basically had a 4-A team competing in a 5-A conference the past two years. The Past is the past. And this goes for all schools!! Give them a chance the next two years in 4-A.
Enrollment and participation makes a huge difference. They were competing with teams with 200-250 more males. Who knows how many less players in their program. Even in 4A they will have to compete with Clint and Mountain View. Those teams are tough and wont go down easy.

Years and years ago I went to a school with low participation in the FB program. Enrollment was about same as Riverside now. JV had 15 or so kids. Varsity maybe 30 some. It took a coaching change and 4-5 years of program building to get those numbers up and playoff runs later. It takes time. It takes the right coach too!

Re: Rangers vs Knights

I disagree, Riverside was very successful running the ball. Hanks was not able to stop their counter plays off the different formations. If coach Recoder would of been more patient and kept running the Qb draws and running plays he might of pulled off the win. He did a lot with what he had (inherited). His qb was obviously very limited skill wise and arm wise. The kid was unable to get passes delivered and that lead to multiple turnovers which cost them the game. Exciting game tho. . Go Knights!!

Re: Rangers vs Knights

Exactly! I was listening to Les Miles the coach at Kansas now and he said it’s just not getting the players, but it is having to change and create an entire new culture. And that does not happen overnight.

Re: Rangers vs Knights

Are you kidding me and the rest of this smart forum..." Clint, Mountainview are tough teams and won't go down easy.." WOW...now I've heard it all...is this a 4-6 coach writing this? Lol...Amusing.. its like educating a rock.

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