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Schools closing

Now that we have reached the end of another football, with it comes all the usual complaining about the abundance of schools in El Paso. Rather than simply ignoring the rhetoric, why not dive in and analyze the hypothetical scenarios. I'll list the schools most likely to close and/or consolidate with other schools.

-El Paso

These schools are all their respective district's flagship schools. There's no way a district closes/consolidates its own flagship school.

Highly unlikely:
-Westside (Canutillo, Franklin, Coronado)
-SISD (El Do, Pebbles, Montwood, Eastlake, Americas)

All these schools reside in highly developing parts of the city. While there may be an argument for El Do and possibly Canutillo, both schools continue to replenish their population due to their location.

-Bel Air
-Del Valle

Burges, Eastwood, and Bel Air are safe are their districts have just thrown a lot of money to upgrade/rebuild the schools. It would be the smartest move.

Bowie is going through some structural changes at the academic level. Very interested to see the final product when it's all said and done. I'll clear up my answer with the Jeff explanation later.

DV, Andress, Parkland, and Chapin have established themselves all as quite successful schools in many facets besides football. DV has a strong hold on the lower valley. Parkland and Andress are becoming the leaders of the NE. While Chapin is always having enrollment numbers at full capacity.

Finally, Riverside, I may get some heat for this one. The only reason this wouldn't close down would be because of academics. Riverside runs the Career and Technology program for all of Ysleta ISD. If it wasn't for that then I don't see this school staying open, which would allow for enrollment numbers to go up for DV and Ysleta.

Won't happen, but should:

These schools, while historic in their own aspects, are essentially leaching students from neighboring schools. Austin would allow for Chapin, El Paso and possibly Bowie to grow. Irvin is holding on by a thread with Parkland and Andress being the godfathers of the NE. And Hanks is keeping Eastwood from being a legitimate full-time 6A school.

With the most recent snap shot numbers recently released, Jeff surprised the city with their numbers. More interesting is the fact that almost a thousand of their roughly 1800 students attend Silva Magnet. There's rumors about the possibility of converting Jeff to a full magnet school and sending all non-magnet students to Bowie. This would definitely tarnish the Battle of the Southside but would allow for the district to embrace the plans Bowie is currently going through.

Now while all these hypotheticals are awesome, truth be told, students are $$ and more of them means more revenue for districts. Last thing a district would want to do is close a school and cause students to leave for a neighboring district.

Hope everyone enjoyed my rant and has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Re: Schools closing

I remember there were some discussions about consolidating Bowie-Jeff some years ago but didn’t think much came of it. If they decide to make Silva a stand-alone school then the rest of the kids would go where? Does Bowie have the infrastructure to support another 1000 kids? I haven’t been to Bowie in over a decade so don’t know if they’ve done any significant upgrades.

Jeff reported 1783 last realignment. They had the numbers to possibly go 5AD1 but many schools in region 4 opted up to D1 so Jeff was pushed to D2. Their numbers went up by about 80. I’m guessing they have about 1100 regular and 750 magnet students. You may have seen other more accurate numbers.

I’m really curious about what will happen with the El Paso 5AD1 schools this round of realignment. That’s another thread!

Re: Schools closing

Max Padilla of Dave Campbell's Texas Football put out his projections for the latest round of UIL changes. He thinks DV, El Dorado, and Bel Air will aligned in a Zone A with Zone B consisting of Amarillo, Caprock, Palo Duro, Tascosa, Lubbock, Coronado and Monterey.

I am assuming our local schools would play each other twice.

Zone A qualifies 1 team for play offs while Zone B qualifies 3 teams. This would make up District 1 5-A for large 5-A schools.

I have to disagree. You need a District that is able to compete in all sports. Travelling to these places is out of the questions. My idea was to move the cut of level by 80 of what he is projecting for the large 5-A and small 5-A cut off by 80. That would allow Chapin and Jeff to qualify for large 5-A. All other 8 or so teams affected by such a move throughout the state would not be impacted by much either.

Of course, these are his projected numbers and thoughts. Not the UIL's.

Re: Schools closing

Good to see a projected realignment. The issue is that the UiL wants to have about 125 schools per 5A division. Again, the problem is that about 10 schools are opting up from D2 to D1 so the cutoff line gets bumped up. Jeff and Chapin are in the range to have D1 Numbers but schools from Corpus and San Antonio keep opting up.

Remember too that only football alignment has divisions. For all other sports all 250 schools in 5a can be in the same districts.

Re: Schools closing

**** New Year! I totally forgot about the 5-A alignment for other sports! Thanks!

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