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Re: Schools closing

Max Padilla of Dave Campbell's Texas Football put out his projections for the latest round of UIL changes. He thinks DV, El Dorado, and Bel Air will aligned in a Zone A with Zone B consisting of Amarillo, Caprock, Palo Duro, Tascosa, Lubbock, Coronado and Monterey.

I am assuming our local schools would play each other twice.

Zone A qualifies 1 team for play offs while Zone B qualifies 3 teams. This would make up District 1 5-A for large 5-A schools.

I have to disagree. You need a District that is able to compete in all sports. Travelling to these places is out of the questions. My idea was to move the cut of level by 80 of what he is projecting for the large 5-A and small 5-A cut off by 80. That would allow Chapin and Jeff to qualify for large 5-A. All other 8 or so teams affected by such a move throughout the state would not be impacted by much either.

Of course, these are his projected numbers and thoughts. Not the UIL's.

Re: Schools closing

Good to see a projected realignment. The issue is that the UiL wants to have about 125 schools per 5A division. Again, the problem is that about 10 schools are opting up from D2 to D1 so the cutoff line gets bumped up. Jeff and Chapin are in the range to have D1 Numbers but schools from Corpus and San Antonio keep opting up.

Remember too that only football alignment has divisions. For all other sports all 250 schools in 5a can be in the same districts.

Re: Schools closing

**** New Year! I totally forgot about the 5-A alignment for other sports! Thanks!

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