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Re: Playoff results

Playoff failure.....again. I have said this before and will again in the future by the way things are going here in EP football. 10-0 or 9-1 seasons are nice but we need, playoff wins. 10-0 or 10-1 teams can not lose to 5-6 or 4-7 teams. It should be unacceptable. Are we ok with just winning in El Paso. Is it ok to have 10 to 15 seasons of winning vs El Paso teams and not make any noise in the playoffs. I believe this is what might be wrong with our programs in EP. Coaches should be in the hot seat if they dont win playoff games. You got coaches with 10 plus years of no playoff success or wins, but its ok because they have \"Winning Programs\". I dont think the rest of the state see El Paso Teams as winning programs.....See ya next year.
Shut up man. You’re sorry. Why don’t you go run a program. Bunch of nobodies on here always crying and complaining. Do something about it instead of spending half your days on the internet.
You’re on here too! Go watch some film coach.

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