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Re: Rene Hernandez stepping down

Don\'t know why everyone is intrigued. This is going to go to Marco Chavez. The interviews are just a normality.
We can revisit this tomorrow. Its gonna be a chapin alumni, just not chavez...
3 of the 4 finalists were chapin alums.....I think that is a safe assumption

Re: Rene Hernandez stepping down

It’s not Chavez

Re: Rene Hernandez stepping down

Not sure if it has been announced or will be announced soon, but I think that Coach Warner from Franklin would be a great fit for the Chapin program. He has been around winning programs for a while and has had a chance to learn from a good one in Coach Walker. I do not know how many wins that makes for him, but I think that he has a good foundation to build on and I personally think he would do a good job if given the chance to take over Chapin's program. That being said...good luck to whomever is named the Head Coach at Chapin.

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