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Re: El Paso teams NEED to play New Mexico teams

Let’s be honest, we are not competing for a state championship in the state of Texas anytime soon. And geographically, playing in Texas makes no sense. Wouldn’t we rather have a bidistrict game in las cruces rather than Odessa!? I mean we just have to face that El Paso talent will never equate to the likes of the metroplex, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and heck even the Permian basin. If we were playing in New Mexico we would be the KINGS of high school sports. Teams like franklin, parkland and America’s would THRIVE. To everyone who says “yeah well this is TXHSFB and that’s how we like it. NO. East of here is TXHSFB, because those are the teams that are close geographically and that compete for state year in and year out. Heck, even the VALLEY makes it at least to round three every year! And El Paso teams would blow the breaks off of them! But, they get a break geographically, which is why they even make it in the first place. But we have to get out of this mindset, and ****, it all starts with MOVING that **** all star game! I mean are you kidding me?!?!? We’re gonna schedule our all star game where “the best of the best” play on the same weekend when the real best of the best are playing for a state championship?!?!? Has had me upset for YEARS. so what do you all think about switching to a New Mexico schedule?
No, they absolutely don't need to do that. El Paso teams can compete. They just need to do the things to be able to be more competitive. Progress has already been made, but more needs to happen especially starting at the middle school level. Competitiveness is a process. The earlier, the better. Benefits will probably go beyond football

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