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Re: EP High School Scholarships / UTEP FCS Level

The West Coast or American Athletic conferences would never accept UTEP into their conference. Stop dreaming. Maybe the WAC would.

Re: EP High School Scholarships / UTEP FCS Level

I am not saying UTEP will magically turn into a 10 win team, but with the leadership changes recently I think we will see more athletic success. The new regime seems to value the marketing sustainability of successful sports programs more than the previous group. Money is starting to be spent on facility upgrades and more to come. I think in a few years, El Paso will be happy with where all the programs are. UTEP has had the smallest recruiting budget for all Texas D1 schools for years. No money put into facilities and lowest combined salaries for staff. Those are recipes for failure. Thus, 1-11 seasons. Hopefully, the changes and commitments from leadership to the program will lead to success. No reason UTEP shouldn't be a 6-9 win team every year.

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