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Re: Decision - Riverside moves to 4A

I know this is an old post. But I find it funny how some posters on here trashed 4-A and under football. Some even calling it middle school level FB. Funny thing is that this upcoming weekend Texas High Schools will be represented in the NFL Divisional Championships with 24 players. 7 of those are from 4-A and 3-A ranks! One poster even trashed Big Spring. Tannehill went there. Not bad for MS football.
I’ll just say that some of the schools were probably in the old 4A. I know back when Tannehill went to Big Spring they were in the old 4A, which is 5A now.

Re: Decision - Riverside moves to 4A

Suggestion: Make Riverside HS into a Middle School and shuttle all high school kids to Ysleta. Ummmm ?

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