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Re: EP High

Lmao come on his dad just gave his son the job it was all bs but what do you expect from this district. Your telling me he was in such a hurry to leave San Eli he was a finalist at EPHS and Chapin. Episd has good OC and DC that work hard and never get a chance because of bs like this I’ll say this he is not gonna beat Austin he will have a tough time getting out of the lower shelf of that district Jeff is better so is Irvin and Austin is tough so who is he gonna beat Burges or Andress or will he beat Bowie he will struggle remember coach wells and Denenger how about Hernandez How did that go???
So let's just be honest. Episd does promote its coordinators. Settle down their pantha.......... am I missing something does Aguilar dad work at el paso high. Wouldn't that be a conflict of interest. Or is he a central office big Wig. Inform those of us in the dark.

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