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Am no coach am a certified pipe layer lol just want the best for the community and it’s only my opinion but where they get he better win cause the lack of numbers is not an issue and if it’s gonna be the same song and dance don’t be surprised if I start a thread “I told you so”
I beg to differ on the numbers not being an issue. Across the board from 9th, JV to Varsity numbers are not the greatest. If not mistaken, in recent years wasn't the 9th grade disbanded during the season? I may have gotten this mixed up with Riverside though.

Re: EP High

how do you figure that would be a shame if thats the case
Well in episd the trend is that it's done deals. Check the track record

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You all need to stop with all the wins and losses argument. We need to start judging these coaches based on weather or not the job is better after they showed up. Does the team look organized, disciplined, are the coaches doing their job preparing the kids for the game, or does it all just look like complete crap? I\'m sorry but Bill Belichick will not go undefeated at San Eli or Jefferson. San Eli may have only won 3 games this year, but how did the team look? Were they competitive? Did the coaches put the players in position to be successful and it just didn\'t happen? That what needs to be looked at when you are looking for a Head Coach. Or you can look for coaches that come from schools that have the best players that always win thinking that somehow your school magically will start to win. I hope EP High finds a good one who truly cares about the kids and the community. If you do that everything else will fall into place, but make sure you give the coach a legitimate chance to be successful.
This is the best thing that has been said here. We just want the guy that is best for the job.

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