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Re: should EPCC start a football program?

EPCC was never intended to have athletics. It was started as an EDUCATIONAL alternative for local Hispanics who could not afford or get into regular 4 year colleges. It was intended to provide technical and vocational opportunities. Starting the baseball program was off the intended mission, getting further involved in athletics is a betrayal of the original mission and certainly of the taxpayers who fund this pricey social experiment. Haven't we suffered enough with the Miners?

Re: should EPCC start a football program?

Not a Good Idea. What about title 9? EPCC would have to add at least 6 women sports for this to happen. If they were to add sports they would have to add sports that both men and women could participate in.

Re: should EPCC start a football program?

EPCC can't even really fund and support baseball. Too much travel to find a conference. Probably have to go to Arizona, where I thought I read recently that some CC's were giving up FB. Only 5 JC fb teams in Texas, all in East Texas. NMMI is only one in NM.

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