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Re: Dumas Chooses UNM. REALLY?

A tremendous talent in Aaron Dumas Chooses UNM Lobos to pursue he\'s football career. Out of all the Options he chose Albuquerque NM. Don\'t understand his decision. I\'m sure the coaches at UNM promised him the world. But in a city were it\'s notorious for drug usage,violence, homeless, police brutality not sure if that\'s a wise decision. Now in football terms. UNM went 2-10 and 0&8 in conference last year. Lastly does the UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO sound or acts like a FOOTBALL TOWN. He\'ll miss that real college football experience. Not hating, just facts
He will get his looks there in the mountain west. I think it was a good choice from a business standpoint. Hell have s great chance to get on the field while playing in a decent conference with some recognition

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