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Re: Friday Night Fans

Sup 915 Friday Night fans, is it true that NO fans will allowed to attend ? Not even parents?
Flying some drones?

Re: Friday Night Fans

Re: Friday Night Fans


Re: Friday Night Fans

I do know the news reported the band and cheer will not travel to away games.

Supposedly games will be televised? Or it’s going to be stream trough you tube? Or allowing fans?

Any word on that?

Re: Friday Night Fans

Games will be streamed online. I believe each school district / school has the autonomy on how they will do that for their fans.

I also believe that each school district will set their own rules on fans, away fans, bands, etc.

I'm hearing that athletes will get 2 tickets per game. Other kids that are around the game such as band members, cheer, dance, athletic trainers, etc. will be afforded tickets if they are Seniors. Things can always change of course though!

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