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CLAMS Multiple Sclerosis BB

Welcome to the CLAMS MS BB hosted by JoAnne of the CLAMS organization. Please post often. JoAnne will monitor this BB on a daily basis. Thank You

CLAMS Multiple Sclerosis BB
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Re: ohio resident

When I googled Laura Cooper and MS advocate it got the following results:;col1

just highlight the above and copy and paste it into your browser. It may work if you just click it, depending on how this program handles html text in this post.
Good Luck Sounder

Re: ohio resident

One final attempt and I got this from Google

Laura Cooper
Attorney at Law
808 Lariat Drive
Eugene, OR, 97401
Tel 541-302-6527

I do not know how good this is, or even if she is still in practice. Sounder from Clams