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Welcome to the CLAMS MS BB hosted by JoAnne of the CLAMS organization. Please post often. JoAnne will monitor this BB on a daily basis. Thank You

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I would like to first comment to looking for pro bono, go to a lawyer that does personal injury suits. This way you only pay if you win. I know it is not considered an injury, but they are getting involved with more and more things all the time. The other option is a law student in their final year of schooling.

And to your responcer, what did you do to receive SSDI so quickly that you feel there is no problem there? I would love to know I have MS, 5 hernmiated discs in my back, sarcoidosis, arthritis, an enlarged heart that leaks fluid on a regular basis and have been fighting with social security for 4 years now. All the doctors including the one they sent me to for my examination said I can no longer work......they say I can. I am on state disability for medical help and am going to school under federal vocational rehabilitation (even though I may never be able to work again I am not ready to give up). But have yet to be approved by SSDI. Please tell me your secret. My attorney said not to bills make me worry.

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