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CLAMS Multiple Sclerosis BB

Welcome to the CLAMS MS BB hosted by JoAnne of the CLAMS organization. Please post often. JoAnne will monitor this BB on a daily basis. Thank You

CLAMS Multiple Sclerosis BB
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Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI) is a major risk factor for MS. CCSVI is a complex vascular condition discovered and described by Paolo Zamboni, MD, from Italy's University of Ferrara. Zamboni's original investigation in a group of 65 patients and 235 controls showed CCSVI to be associated strongly with MS, increasing the risk of having MS by 43 fold.

First Blinded Study of Venous Insufficiency Prevalence in MS Shows Promising Results -
UB NewsCenter
A study by neurologist Robert Zivadinov has shown that the narrowing of extracranial veins is, at the very least, an important association in multiple sclerosis.
Zamboni ( the Italian Doctor who first hypothesized CCVSI) and Dr Zivadinov (University of Buffalo) hypothesize that this narrowing restricts the normal outflow of blood from the brain, resulting in alterations in the blood flow patterns within the brain that eventually cause injury to brain tissue and degeneration of neurons.
For more info Google CCSVI, or find the group on Facebook This approach offers NEW HOPE for those of us with this disease.
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