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Welcome to the CLAMS MS BB hosted by JoAnne of the CLAMS organization. Please post often. JoAnne will monitor this BB on a daily basis. Thank You

CLAMS Multiple Sclerosis BB
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Re: Do my symptoms sound like MS?

I have MS. by now you probably know better what your diagnoses is. There are many symptoms of MS. There are also many other diseases which are neurological in nature and show up in physical forms. One persons symptoms are different from another persons, which tends to make diagnosing neurological diseases difficult. So,
if you here, write back. Steve

Re: Do my symptoms sound like MS?

Make sure the MRI of the Brain is with and without dye (Gadolinium). This is very important for an accurate beginning of a diagnosis. There are many more things they have to rule out prior to a diagnosis of MS. Some worse and some not to significant.

Good luck at least they are starting to listen.

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Hi there

I have been looking for a forum like this for a while. I have had an MRI last week and am waiting on results but its driving me crazy in the meantime waiting!!

I have been pushed from pillar to post; first being told I had Trigeminal Neuralgia, then toothache, then Cervical Dysfunction, then migraine. As it stands my diagnosis is Migraine, depending on the MRI results. I have looked up the symptoms of MS no end of times and I am convinced it matches all the problems I have been having the last 6 months but my family tell me there is nothing wrong with me and have even been accused of making things up! My symptoms are:
* Electric shock pains in my face
* Facial spasms and aching
* Constant tiredness
* POOR memory - I mean dreadful
* Feel like my eyes are unco-ordinated and it makes me dizzy
* Pains in my arms
* Headaches
* Lost of tingling sensations in my face and head

I am not making all of this up and am very frustrated with my family for thinking this. I am 23, and when it was suspected I had Trigeminal Neuralgia, I was told there was a possibility of MS because of showing these symptoms at my age. But then the Neurologist said Migraines, but wanted an MRI just to be on the 'safe side'.

I am at the end of my tether. Am I going mad or does it sound like I have got MS?? In anyones opinion?>

Please help!


Re: Re: Do my symptoms sound like MS?

it does alot my mom had it imonly 9 she died