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RAF Martlesham Heath 1958

I was at Martlesham Heath from March 1958 to January 1959 together with my pal Mike Kirby.
We were both R/T D/F OP. II's and worked at the homer which was sited off the airfield,south of what is now the BT site.
We were accommodated in barrack block A which is still there, just north of the barrack square, bordering the road.
I would be pleased to hear from any other RAF personnel who were there at the same time

Re: RAF Martlesham Heath 1958

I had but a mere 7 weeks stationed here in 1960, 6 weeks on Summer Camp with the Chipmunks of the University of Birmingham Air Squadron (UBAS,)the other week I took off unofficially with not a question being asked.

Martlesham is/was one of those Battle of Britain airfields steeped in history, the experimental station for RAF aircraft for several decades, whilst I was here in the summer of 1960 the BBMF Flight was based here with one Spitfire and one Hurricane.

I now live just a mile away from the Control Tower which now operates an excellent museum and opens on a Sunday afternoon from Easter to October.

Re: Re: RAF Martlesham Heath 1958

Hi Gary

Your message bought back memories. I was at Martlesham Heath at the same time, Serving in the RAF Fire Service Crash Crew, the problem was we never got a weekend or evening off when the UAS were there !! they flew those Chipmonks B****y dawn till dusk and weekends too Lol

All the best to you and yours


Re: RAF Martlesham Heath 1958

Anyone in the Ipswich area on Sunday 8th May 2005 there is a VE Day Celebration Special at Martlesham Heath Control Tower.

Details are here http://www.mhas.org.uk/publicevents.htm