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RAF Ground Crew Forum 1955-1970
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RAF Changi

In its heyday RAF Changi must have had more personnel stationed here than any other RAF station home or abroad. I was never stationed here but visited to play tennis or passing through to other places.

If you are looking for someone or want someone to find you, then post your message here.

Re: RAF Changi

Brian is the name I'm searching-he will know me as 'Abdab'. We shared a trip to Singapore and back in Troopship 'Devonshire'

Are you there Brian????

Lou Frank

Re: RAF Changi

Hi everyone does anyone remember my father his name is Des Seabrook he was at Changi from about 67-70

Re: RAF Changi

Try getting in touch with the Changi Association at http://www.raf-changi-assn.org/ they have a large data base of personnel

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Re: RAF Changi

Any members of the old radio station still around.
I have found brothers Mark and Roy Mason who now live in The US but would love to hear from anyone else who helped at around 1969 1970