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RAF Ground Crew Forum 1955-1970
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does anyone know my dad please?

My dad is 70 next week and all i know is that he was in the RAF 1956 and i was born 1958, dont think he went back...His name is Brian Thomas, I have know idea what squadron he was in, I have a feeling he went to Malta at some stage and then last at Henlow, Bedfordshire as we lived near there.

Any kind of information would be really appreciated.

many thanks


Brian Thomas

I just happened to be on line when your query came through a few minutes ago, I put the name BRIAN THOMAS RAF into a search engine and this webpage came up

Re: does anyone know my dad please?

I was doing some searching and found your enquiry re. Brian Thomas and the RAF. I was amazed when your name and details of your search turned up.

Love Dadxx