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Re: RAF Lyneham

Hi Mike,
Have just read your piece on RAF Lyneham, are you aware that there is an RAF Lyneham Old Boys Association. If you let me have your email address I will forward details.
Take Care

Jim Semple L.O.B.A. Sec

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I was stationed there twice, 1959-60 & 1962-1963, servicing Britannias and Comets in the new category as Propulsion Fitter. Lived in one of those condemned huts with the old coke stoves the chimney of which was poked out of a broken window. Not very nice to wake up in the morning to find snow on top of the blanket - coke stoves didn't last a full night even when topped off by the last one in. I was hoping there would be some pictures of the other fine aircraft that had Lyneham as their home. I first landed at Lyneham as a teenager, having passed the test for Apprenticeship training at Halton, It took a week to fly from Changi to Lyneham in a York. We had a two day stopover in Habbaniya due to an engine failure on takeoff. Those were the days.
Michael Barson, Beeton, Ontario Canada

Re: RAF Lyneham

I served at Lyneham in 1960, again from Oct 63 to April 66 and again from Oct 68 to the end of 69. I enjoyed the life there.
Can any one help with the dates we were down in East Africa on the Oil Lift from Dar es Salaam and Nairobi with Brits?
It was as a result of UDI.

Best wishes

Phil Hosey