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RAF Akrotiri

I was thinking the other day of the MU I was on in Akrotiri in 1960, think it was 103 anyone know for sure?

Re: RAF Akrotiri

103 MU was based at Akrotiri Phil, I do know people who were there but that was from 1963-66

Re: RAF Akrotiri

I was at Raf Nicosia 57 - 60 and 103 MU was at Nicosia the whole time I was there. I left April 60.

Re: RAF Akrotiri

I use to live at RAF Akrotiri in 63-66 and 103MU with at Akrotiri, by the way my Father use to work at 249 Squadron, he was a Sgt Instrument fitter working on the Canberras.

Re: Re: RAF Akrotiri

I was on Radio Repair Flight of 103 M.U. at Akrotiri from May 1969 to May 1972 We lived in some tin sheds near to 70 Sqd at the salt lake end of the airfield

Re: RAF Akrotiri

Hi Phil, yes you are quite correct, it was 103 MU, i served with it after transfere from 70 sqdn Nicosia, from late 63 to 65.I worked in the Canberra section on minor and major services.Good times.