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Philip (Percy) Hoyle

Anyone know the whereabouts of Percy. He was ex 78th Entry halton and was posted to Seletar?. He was on Gan at the time of TG613 but very shortly afterwards flew back to Seletar where he married a local girl. Although I met him and his wife on return to UK I cannot remember where he was posted.

Any news welcome

Re: Philip (Percy) Hoyle

Sorry the Hastings that ditched was TG 579 not TG613. Put it down to old age.

Re: Philip (Percy) Hoyle

I suppose you have tried the obvious and contacted the 78th Halton Association Secretary for the whereabouts of Percy. I am in touch with others from the 78th, Rod Rumsby, John 'Spike' Castle (also coincidentally a pax on 579) and Bob Boothby. I feel pretty confident that something will turn up, there are over 500 other bods that have come together through my various websites.