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RAF Ground Crew Forum 1955-1970
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I've met many people who spent time at Seletar and/or Iwakuni. (I was a photographer there from 50 - 53.) Some were there pre 1950, many post 1953, but I've never yet met anybody who was posted there at the same time as me. Surely I'm not the only surviving bod from those days? If you were there during my time it would be a pleasure to hear from you though I can't guarantee I'll remember your name - it's me age!

Cheers ... Harry


Have you seen the post from John Matthews on the RAF Seletar slot, you might have been there the same time as his relative

ps I was on FEFBW throughout 1958 and have the cloth badge courtesy of Tich Carrie


It is proposed that a reunion take place regarding the last squadron that operated flying boats in the RAF marking the 50th anniversary disbandment of 205/209 Sunderland (FB) at RAF Seletar in May 1959 and that the reunion be held in May 2009.

There are two such exhibits in the UK at the RAF Museum at Hendon and the IWM at Duxford. I will not be organising this reunion but I am prepared to host a thread well in advance to canvass opinion as to where the reunion should take place and to see whether there will be enough interest. I feel pretty sure that both Hendon and Duxford would be delighted to host this event with the publicity this could generate