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Many books have been written about spousal abuse, but nothing as mind boggling as the devastation the Narcissist causes. It is estimated that up to 16% of society is Narcissistic. This is almost 1 in every 6 people. Narcissists are extremely emotionally insecure and seek love partners, therefore, creating severe psychological and emotional damage to an average of 5 people in the course of their life, and if children are involved, the damage can be catastrophic. This illness is overlooked because most are unaware of its true nature, and only a few have survived its emotional damage. It makes you wonder, “who’s next?” You think it can’t happen to you? Think again. Praised as a great romance that will appeal to a wide audience, GHOST OF A ROSE brings forth awareness of this disorder, and is a warning to the unsuspecting masses.

GHOST OF A ROSE contains everything a romance enthusiast craves, love, passion, tenderness, erotic interludes, betrayal, addiction, unrelenting angst, and the fight to overcome all obstacles in the name of love. What makes this story so unique, and sometimes unbelievable, is that it is real. This novel is much more than a breathtaking love story, it’s a saga of survival.

GHOST OF A ROSE is a powerful and urgent story for today’s world. What makes this novel so valuable are its marketing capabilities as a powerful, true romance with a message, and a warning. Documented within are the horrifying, real moments leading up to the author’s attempt at taking his own life, which is not uncommon to the victim of Narcissistic Abuse. Hundreds of cases occur each year, and is growing at an alarming rate, which is why this story must be told. By the time an individual feels the need to seek information about Narcissism, it’s too late, the damage has already been done. If you are paying attention, Books, ebooks, websites, forums, blogs, radio shows, and advice columns on Narcissism are surfacing at a rapid rate across the globe. Proving there is a urgent need for such an awakening. The closest comparison, or shall we say, “completion” to this novel is a fictionalized account. This is a story that could not be told after the fact, and one that would be difficult to do either way. GHOST OF A ROSE puts you inside the author's mind from the beginning, providing the reader with a detailed and accurate description of what it is to be emotionally, mentally, and physically abused by a narcissistic spouse.

GHOST OF A ROSE is a narrative/memoir/true romance; sub-genre relationship/family saga and is generating acclaim from authors and fans through the web site The first 5 chapters, audio book samples, fan/reader comments and video trailers are available on line. Statistics show that, in these troubled times, the demand for romance and inspirational books are on the rise. This is the perfect time for GHOST OF A ROSE.

Steven began as a journalist in the mid 80’s as the creator/editor/writer for Platinum Bound Magazine. Years later, he picked the pen back up and began writing technical articles for art publications. Soon after, he created the first interactive online art magazine “AirbrushTechLive.”

Steven has an advantage over most first time authors. As a specialist in marketing, and a background in the recording industry, pre-promotion has already begun. A complete audio book has been professionally recorded with background/mood music and sound effects. The 12 CD set is being filtered to film and music celebrities. It is in the hands of Drew Barrymore’s Flower Films at this time. Chapters are being strategically placed throughout the Internet to generate interest. Photo shoots have been done recreating scenes from the book. Using his fame as one of the co-creators of the super group Slayer, and as a world famous artist, he is using it to his full advantage as well as granting the first interviews in over twenty years to promote GHOST OF A ROSE, and much more is in the works. At this time, his 13-year-old daughter Kristen (who is in GHOST OF A ROSE) is penning her view of the story about what she experienced and felt. Steven will self-publish this as an expansion entitled “GHOST OF A ROSE PETAL.” Nothing is more heartfelt than the words of a child.

Thank you for your consideration. The seven part book proposal is complete and available upon request. I look forward to the opportunity of sharing the entire manuscript with you soon. I invite you to come listen to the audio chapters. You too will be captivated by this wonderful story.