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Re: Narcissism

Narcissists are prone to be workaholics, but unlike those that work hard to enhance life, the narcissist only strives for power and craves being the center of attention. They use manipulation tactics in order to get people to serve as pawns as a way of achieving their goal. They will say anything, name-drop, and do whatever is needed to simply impress others. As the narcissist’s arrogance builds, the illusion of grandeur affects all areas of their life, and the lives of those closest to them. It is inevitable that the narcissist fails, and as confidence wanes, growing insecurity causes them to criticize their spouse in order to regain the superior position in the relationship. The narcissist then believes that he or she is above the law and societal rules, and now they have the components that lead to unethical and immoral behavior. They lose their integrity by committing outrageous acts of lying, stealing, fraud, and infidelities. Projection of blame and even dissociation gives these self-serving individuals license to be unfaithful, to go elsewhere to feed their sagging egos, and it matters not whom gets hurt in the process. This is a never-ending cycle of a narcissist.