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Where has PEACE gone?

Peace is love and beauty. After personal values or love, happiness and health, peace is the primary duty of life. Where has this peace gone? My soceity has lost it through fights, wars, verbal abuse, it has lost peace so gradually it seems I am the only one who notices.

People love watching and being in fights, people hate every second person they meet, they kill the flower to make way for an armery, people these days are cretins! bogans! They laugh at the picture of a counter-culturist, laugh at the thought of peace.

I am crying out for peace, please any who read this, if you enjoy peace or see a lack of it, know that I am here suffering the same fate and I want, nay the soceity needs someone to advertise it, promote it, demonstrate it!

Hair peace, Bed peace! Bagism! They are all peace, but are momentarily lost, let us bring it back. 'War Is Over, If You Want It"... I bloody well want it people.

A social message from Kieran Carmichael... Aldous Huxley, Siddartha Gautama, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, God (if it happens to exist), Nature

Re: Where has PEACE gone?

Tank u for the cry. Peace is a cry now. Let´s make it a reality.
I needed this u say. Ty for saying.

Re: Re: Where has PEACE gone?

I think Peace and love are inside of us,I believe it is up to us to bring it up,raise it high and share it with everyone we know and with the ones we dont.

Re: Where has PEACE gone?

Hi Everybody,

Arguably he was a person who shaped history with his music. The world would not be the same without his songs. Just would like to let you guys know that there is a cool and comprehensive John Lennon profile created by someone at


Please check the URL


Hope you guys like it...

Please contribute to make it a success

And Give Peace a Chance!!

More like wheres the human respect

I think in the first part of your post you were talking about human respect.

Like PEACE, human respect, or what I think of as the awknowalgement of the fact everyone goes through the same basic struggles, the respect of that fact atleast, and then some go through more struggles some go through less, has never 100% taken hold.
The only difference is now we have less respect for each other than we did in 1960s.

And PEACE, I have concluded that the only way to achieve IDEAL PEACE, is abolish social difference.
The real battle will be the difference in color, as initially we all reconize ultra white skin from white, white from tan, tan from black.

-To achieve PEACE, one requirement will probably be no religon, and must will be one planet - one country, and another will be an goverment that offers Capitial, Leninist (communisium can lead to dictatorship) and Social electorates, such as we see with Canada ATM.