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Tribute to John Lennon and all freedom fighters

The Pope Should Smoke
Inspired by a Cannabis Culture article
Was John Lennon Killed for His Cannabis and Political Activism

I believe like JOHN; like JANIS, JIM and JIMI.
Those who smoke grass, are less likely to say GIVE ME.
Many freedom fighters, who were taken away,
Have suspicious stories. Who will save their day?
No one should have to die, because of the belief,
That cannabis is good. It brings so much relief.
The good grass has grown, since our great earth began.
God provided it. Men maligned it. Think, if you can.
Hemp is fast growing. It takes carbon from our air.
Then gives a wealth of natural goods, for all of us to share.
Why try to kill curiosity, like when the earth was flat?
Why jail Galileo to stop science? Women must have spat.
Why did God create it? Such a beautiful place!
Then let kids suffer, as parents race against race?
With the Holy Father, I would love to share,
A gift from his God. I hope he will dare.
Why accept abuse? We must not lose hope.
To be one with all, the Pope should smoke dope.

Lora Bruncke