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About a week and a half ago I started to get seriously involved into world activism and though I was being a part of a few projects,I didnt feel like I was giving my 100% much less my 110%.Since a very young age Ive been wanting to come up with an idea to have a chance to make a change but I never knew for sure where to start from(and to be honest,I still dont)I want to change the world maybe because I feel like an outcast in this superficial and materialistic society we live in today and wanted a place where I feel like I belong,maybe because of my discontent of the current world,maybe because I think life is not fair,its not fair that there are people starving,people dying,sick and suffering while I look around me and there is all of this things,why Im not one of them?what have I done to deserve what I have?nothing,and it is very frustrating and Im not gonna take it for granted.Ive got youth,health,intelligence,iniciative and above all,Ive got life,so I better make good use of them,right?A few days ago I had a conversation with a group of people and most of them where commenting that things are not how they used to be,that nobody cares about eachother,just about themselves.Well,unfortunatly,no one built the time machine yet and people cannot go back to the time period they want to...and thats when it hit me,why do we let happen the things that happen day after day? why nobody does anything about it? why do we just sit and watch and wonder?well,thats not gonna happen anymore,we want change,we will get change.Currently we are 6 and if we want to get anywhere we definetly need more people.if you want to know more about the rozinism or if you want to join us send me a message to tawanyhlgr@hotmail.com